Teaser for ‘The Audition’

Ms. D’ Costa from Bow Barracks is about to have six people over for dinner. It is for an audition, one in which they will be vying for her services. But the service has a premium price tag attached to it.
Ms. D’Costa wiped the plates, running them in a circular motion, padding them intermittently against the soft cotton cloth in the other hand. She placed them with meticulous perfection, marking a distance of seven fingers from the edge of the table for the first and then arranging the rest of them accordingly. Forks and knives were arranged thereafter in a similarly precise fashion. There was no room for tardiness in Ms. D’Costa’s house. And this was no mean house either. She lived in a bungalow in Bow Barracks, a bungalow by traditional definition though, but in reality, she had gotten the building restructured, to make it resemble a cottage. A beautiful garden, on an uneven bed, evenly mowed grass, barring the intermittent tufts of green where small wildflowers of myriad hues would languish, a small pond with water lilies and a very lazy pair of turtles in their somewhere and hundreds of gorgeous biennials flanking them on all sides of an amoebic plot. Her cottage itself was something out of a fairy tale story – brick red in color punctuated by wooden beams painted an iridescent shade of dark green, with a tiled roof and mahogany doors. A tarmac trail led from the door to a corrugated metal gate, which lay at the junction of a picket fence surrounding it. A thick growth of thorny vines grew through the fence creating a thick natural barrier to prevent intruders from entering. 


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