Preview of ‘Thy Will Be Done’

My homage to one of the greatest writers of the past century

The smile refused to leave David’s face as he looked at Shyam and said, “Then why am I here Shyam. Why have you chosen to see me? Wouldn’t you rather be somewhere else? Even taking a stroll down that lovely lawn outside your office instead of meeting me?”

Shyam was a little taken aback with David’s presumption. It only fueled his animosity that much more as he picked up a sheaf of papers and flung it at David. “The only reason you are here with me is because I want to know how a 250 million dollar grant was sent across to you three months ago from my personal savings account. I have no recollection of this incident and I thought that I should provide you with an opportunity to speak for yourself before I bring down the wrath of God wrapped neatly within a law suit on your scrawny little shoulders” growled Shyam menacingly his voice no louder than a whisper.

David reached within his briefcase and removed a small flash drive and handed it over to Shyam and said, “I think you will find what you seek, atleast in terms of an answer in a video file that you can find in that flash drive.”

“It better not be a virus, or that will further jeopardize your already fragile situation.”

“Don’t worry. I am quite sure you will find the video immensely captivating.”

Shyam inserted the flash drive into his laptop and opened the folder marked Shyam within it. He then opened the .MOV file within it. The very first frame of the film he was looking at sent a jolt through his senses. It was a shot of him, sitting in his office with David sitting right next to him. They were talking as though they were old friends, before they turned their attention to the camera. The other Shyam now looked straight into the camera lens almost as if he were looking straight at him. Shyam immediately paused the film and looked up at David incredulously and shouted, “What the hell is this??” But David kept smiling and nodded urging him to continue. 


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